The Quest For A Great Gift.

Buying gifts for coworkers can be a difficult task, especially during busy times of the year. Unfortunately, holidays and all the work that comes with them coincide with the search for gifts. When in doubt it is easy to reach for the most convenient gift which may not be the best choice. Instead of giving pharmacy chocolates, candles, and other items which can seem generic, gift baskets can offer a perfect solution.

Gift baskets have several benefits: they can be tailored to a client, they are more personal than a last-minute pick from the shelf, they are ordered so they can be ready to pick up at a convenient time. This means that you can have a lovely gift ready without waiting in, fighting through crowds, and visiting all sorts of locations to find one specific items.

Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets have been in this game for over three decades. That is 30 years of gathering different items to put together in one perfect package. Why is their experience beneficial? Because if you are stumped on what to get a coworker their years of experience will offer an answer. No more guessing or stressing over whether or not the gift you got is adequate. After decades of designing baskets, this company will get you, and your coworker, what you need.

This Toronto-started-and-based company has only grown over the years due to their successful basket creations. Their baskets are wide in variety and also ever-changing. What started as baskets of sweet treats now even includes branded items, making it even easier to personalize to the person you are buying for. This company is always on the lookout for new products which will improve the quality of their gift baskets. This includes the incorporation of more branded items but it also includes the incorporation of new treats and products. This means that whatever basket you get will have the latest and greatest assortment of items.

All you have to do to get a gift basket is to have a quick phone call with the company. After discussing what kind of gift basket you would like and who you would like it for all you have to do is wait for the item to be ready. The company will take care of filling the basket with the perfect combination of gifts. This gives you more time to deal with every other aspect of the holidays, whether it means preparing your home, getting extra work done, or getting more time to relax. Is this not a beautiful solution?  

Even if you need a gift outside of the holidays gift baskets are still a perfect answer. Busy work lives can sometimes mean less time spent with coworkers and more doubts on what they would like. Instead of worrying about finding the perfect gift in a store, why not leave this task in the hands of professionals? Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets provide an elegant answer to this question, with their lavish presentation anyone would be lucky to receive.

Give yourself a break and give your coworker something they will appreciate. Not only will they get contents of the utmost quality and contents catered to them but these will arrive in a beautiful recipient. Every part of the gift will be gorgeous, inside and out. So next time you are in doubt for what in the world a great gift would be reach for a basket from those who have been in the business of gift-giving for a long time. Give your coworker and yourself a wonderful gift experience with these baskets.


Find dozens of customizable gift baskets to order from at Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets’ website:


  • I just had an amazing mushroom risotto at Paesan, if y’all are interested in delicious risottos
  • Saturday night I went to a club night devoted to Joy Division and New Order. Hell yeah I love this town and yell-singing along to Bizarre Love Triangle and Girls and (Boys by Blur).
  • I also went to a Trainspotting night which was ill mostly because I went with cool people but the fact that they played Blue Monday, Born Slippy, and I Feel Love also added to the good time vibe

I wanna talk about ideals. By this I mean situations you think up in your head that are may not be immediately achievable, and if they did happen probably wouldn’t be as perfect as they are in theory, but what you consider a best-case or dream outcome.

For example: You wanna go to Europe and ideally you would stay in a royal palace and host feasts every night. Not practical, still possible, and maybe not even so fun in practice (how would you have time to explore if you’re setting up these banquets???).

Lately, I have been thinking of what a dream/super cool job situation would be for me and an ideal has emerged for short-term employment: working on film in New Zealand.

Why is this an ideal? I wanna work on set for film (or television, music videos, many video project), I like traveling, discovering new places, I would love to spend some time in New Zealand because of the huge variety of birds they have (no natural predators!) and because I’d like to learn about Maori culture and other cultures in the region first-hand (I love learning stories from different places), it is near Australia which is another place I’d like to go (and I could learn more about the Dreamtime!!!), a film industry already exists, and the film industry is one that produced What We Do in the Shadows.

Obviously it would take a lot of hard work to find a job there and get the money to fly out, so on. But it’s an ideal and it reminds me that there’s a reason to put in the effort into projects, learning, and meeting people.

What are your ideals? I’d like to know!


Two posts in one day??!!


  • Had to measure and observe the skull and bones of a primate to identify it and write a 3000-word paper. Shortest 12 minutes of my life. Telling radius and other bones apart is hard.
  • Walked through Hyde Park on a gorgeous sunny day and boy is that park big and boy do people here take advantage of being outdoors on sunny days
  • Holy heck, Wafflemeister waffles are delicious and crispy
  • The Natural History museum is much bigger than it appears. I felt a bubble of exciting take over me as I entered and saw how big the halls were and all the treasures they hold
  • This kid walking by me read that there were dinosaurs and started singing the Jurassic Park song
  • The dinosaur room is straight-up so cool. Old bones in an old, ornate room.
  • For real this museum is rad
  • It was fun to see the human evolution exhibit because it had skulls whose casts I had been handling for my class so it was like “I know you!”
  • Walked from the museum to Piccadilly, this is a very nice walk and there are lots of cute shops and restaurants on the way.


Alright, dear readers- and dear readers you are- I have falling into a hole of Star Wars YTP (that is ‘YouTube Poop’ or basically silly edit parodies for you non-YouTube dwellers [*Bane voice* You merely adopted the YouTube. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already- ANYWAY]) and there is some really funny stuff out there.

I got to this one where it;s supposed outtakes of The Force Awakens and man, am I having a great time.

But this is just another love post to The Force Awakens because I hear a lot of non-love for this movie.

Unfortunately, as a human being, I am not hard to sway. Maybe it’s cause I have this annoying habit of understanding where the other person’s argument is coming from (ANOTHER GROSS PART OF EMPATHY, AMIRITE? I kid, empathy is important, y’all) so then I am like “godDAMN IT, THEY RIGHT!” Which blows when it’s about a thing I like and people poke holes. YOU LEAVE MY THINGS UNHOLED, THEY ARE HOLY AS IT IS???


Ranting aside it is true, I avoid reading reviews, essays, etc. in an irrational fear that I’ll then hate something I love because it is flawed. THIS IS A SILLY FEAR, MY FRIENDS, DO NOT HAVE IT. Of course you can love things with flaws because nothing is perfect and so on. Also because it does not  matter what some rando says- whether a rando on a blog like me or a rando with a phD in movie shizz- as it is just an opinion.


Another erm, I hope y’all enjoy rambling.

Watching this fun video I was just flooded with excitement for The Force Awakens and upcoming Star Wars because I love it so goddamned much. I love the opening with Poe being totally annoying to Kylo and Kylo being annoyed. Honestly, I love the character of Poe Dameron with all my heart and us being over a year since the first introduction I think it is not a crush of whimsy. But Rey and Finn!!! I am extremely excited to see more Finn because now he’s gotten out of the First Order and I really wanna see what he can do! What will he do in the Resistance? Will he help Rey train? Will he be BFFL with Poe? Dear jesus, will they please be a couple????

What will Luke think of Rey? What will Rey think of Luke? I really wanna see how Rey does being part of a group all the time instead of being a lonely scavenger!!!!!

And hell yes I am ready for more Kylo and Hux and Phasma. I am soooo ready for Hux being angry at Kylo and I am so ready for a Kylo redemption arc and even more ready for Kylo and Rey restoring balance to the Force.

But I am also so ready for more banter between these characters I have come to love ad care about. I am excited to see where the galaxy takes them, how it tests them, and what they will do- what they’ll become.

With Star Wars I see a story I love but I also always see the expanded universe beyond it, the possibilities, the relationships, the rises, the falls. The comedy, the drama, the loss, the hope. Maybe it is just old stories told again, maybe I am just getting the same goddamned plot, but maybe it’s looking beyond that at patterns of cycles, at repeating themes in myth (our own modern mythology and pantheon in space) explored with new characters.

If it was never new and it never gets old…

After all, if it was never new and it never gets old… it’s a folk song and perhaps a folk story too. That’s a phrase I believe in, cause this saga has been in my life for, well, most of my life and it certainly hasn’t gotten old. I am so happy for what The Last Jedi may bring, see y’all in theatres this December.

An Afternoon in London.

My friend was passing through London and we met up today!

Here is a sample of what one can do in London in just two hours.

Walk down Oxford street (bonus points that it was near sunset on a  sunny day so the light was great).

Have coffee at a Pret Manger and she gave me a cookie that had chocolate in it and was also covered in chocolate. Cadbury does not mess around in England.

Go to Carnaby street which I actually had not visited. It is so cute! With lots of signs hanging that say Carnaby in metallic streamers and giant blue nightclubs hanging from building roofs! And there are lots of restaurants and shops.

Walk around Picadilly.

Visit The House of Mina Lima to see the Harry Potter Exhibit. Man, I love the heck out of The House of Mina Lima.

Walk through Chinatown!

Go the the Nickelodeon store, find out there is no Drake and Josh merchandise.

Go back to Picadilly. Store at a candy store. Look at all the sorts of sweets that are packed in.

Have funny conversation and a good time.

Man, I love my friends and I love London.


Movie Nerd Break.

I was just thinking about movies that are about people in enclosed spaces trying to figure something out and realized what a brilliant plot device it is to have Mr. Orange bleeding out on the floor in Reservoir Dogs.

They can’t get rid of him because if they drop him at the hospital he might give the others away but they also can’t leave him somewhere to die. Actually, they could- but Mr. White would not allow that. Ever.

I say it’s a brilliant plot device not only because it makes some frames super more visually interesting as having a subject on the floor adds levels to a shot and because it gives a pretty solid reason for keeping all the Dogs (in Tarantino literature, are all the “Mr.”s in the movie referred to as “Dogs” because it’d be fun if they were) in this warehouse. Yes, they’re there because their boss who they trust told them to wait there but given how bad things get in the course of the heist, it’s enough incentive to go running- seeing as anyone could be a rat who gave away their secret location.

So to have a another reason, a character who (literally) anchors and grounds everyone else to this one place, why the Dogs are almost acting against their self interest by staying in a location that is very easily known to the cops I think makes their actions more believable.

Of course, as the film progresses, more and more reasons keep the Dogs there. But, at the start, when a rat is suspected, Mr. Orange stuck to the floor (I sometimes have a chuckle thinking about the fact that Tim Roth literally got stuck to the floor with fake blood) and Mr. White stuck to Mr. Orange due to a moral obligation explains action against self-preservation.

Not to mention that Mr White’s strong moral code when it comes to keeping this man alive adds to this idea of the complexity of how human beings function in their reasoning and logic behind their actions. Yes, they are criminals not afraid to do harm but they still have standards. Contradictions and their presence are key to good drama, and this is a great one.

Travel Update & Movies Theatres.

  • Passed by a house that had a ‘Yeezus’ doormat
  • What did Camden Market used to be before that the shops have these huge carved wooden doors and there are metal, ornate decorations everywhere?
  • London Eye/Big Ben area is stunning at sunset.
  • I definitely recommend taking a walk by the Thames on the walkways beside it.
  • Went to the Rich Mix on the 27th and watched T2. LOVED T2 SO MUCH and the Rich Mix is  great theatre. It had an art exhibit, a cafe, and live music going on when I left. The actual theatre is big! I had a feeling that it was old and lots had happened in it, perhaps just the size surprised me along with the patterns drawn on the walls. It’s just at the start of East London so you start to get a different vibe from King’s Cross/Picadilly area. Lots of shops right outside Rich Mix. A cool and busy area for sure.
  • The same day I went to Lexi Cinema and I recommend it 11/10. It prides itself on being an ethical cinema, so ticket proceeds go to charity, which is nice! It’s a one-screen cinema tucked in between houses which gives it a cozy vibe to begin with. In addition (am I writing an essay? Lol), the staff were very friendly, the snack prices were fair and there is a bar if you want some alcohol with your movie. Or just wanna chat with friends indoors after the movie. The seats were comfortable, there is a balcony, and there is a chandelier-piece above the screen which adds a pretty touch to the place! I saw a midnight screening of Reservoir Dogs and there were a lot of people there to watch it too!
  • I also went to Koko this past Friday! It doesn’t get busy until about 1am but I would say it’s worth going early just to explore the space a bit. It’s 3 or 4 floors, depending if you have access to the upper floor and the place it  GORGEOUS. SO BIG and decorated cause it was a serious theatre before. So there are ornate balconies, red walls, a very nice roof area with a view of Camden. A very cool place indeed.

Travel Update:

  • Saw 2 loose cockatoos next to some guy outside a Costa.
  • I had to go to the Hamburg Airport (yo, I gotta go back to Germany to actually be there more than 12 hours and also leave the airport) where there were LOTS of cute dogs!!! Go to this airport to see dogs.
  • The Hamburg airport also seems to have everything: Showers, a dentist, a grocery store, so much more!
  • It was snowy when I got there. All the grey and gloom made me feel like I was in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  • St. Pancras Hotel is even more beautiful than I imagined. And the staircase really looks like the Cheshire cat.

Travel Update:

-Dublin is gorgeous

-I know I only went once almost three years ago but I still remember the downtown so well.

-Recommend 10/10:

  • Stephen’s Green which, at a bit past 8 a.m when it was barely light out, had lot of people walking around, crossing to get to another street, exploring, jogging, and so on. It has monument to Keats seated upon this rocky, elevated area. Very magical at daybreak. Oh man, it has so many kinds of birds, I couldn’t believe.
  • The Little Museum of Dublin which offers tours of a Georgian house (and is about 3 minutes away from St Stephen’s Green, if you walk) and tells am  bit of history of Dublin through the 20th century. I had a wonderful time and both the tour guide and the lady at reception were super nice and receptive to any questions. I particularly loved the U2 exhibit, cause I like U2 and it is nice to hang out in a room playing lots of their music while looking at photos and newsclips. This museum is very visual-based. Lots of photos, ads, prints, objects of the wall, cute decor! Lovely place.
  • Also really nice to walk by the Liffey before the sun even rose.

Very warm, welcoming city.


For the Record: 2 Music Stores in Cleveland.

Oh, fallen industrial towns of the North, you are the ones I know the most.

Cleveland is a place I probably wouldn’t have discovered if it weren’t for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I can’t even recall why Cleveland, I think it was cause Nirvana had gotten inducted and I heard about the Hall then. Something of this nature.

I have been to this museum twice now and each time I have had an amazing time. Recommend it 12/10.

But the second time I was in Cleveland it was the weekend of the 2015 induction ceremony AND Record Store Day. That Saturday I visited some stores and here are two I liked:


Music Saves is more of the music store format I am used to. It’s a small place, you can see the whole store as you walk in, but this does not mean it is lacking in treasures to find.

This was mostly vinyl. I think I only saw a few cassettes and they were Record Store Day releases. But, boy, so much cool vinyl.

I must admit that I may not have seen the whole scope of the store as I got caught up in the ‘punk’ and ‘rock’ section of both singles and records. I found some cool Stooges stuff and some Jack White/White Stripes (got those Michigan musicians).

Maybe it’s because I like Jack White but the store was Third Man friendly with posters and a flag decorating the walls.

Yet, there were plenty of other bands and labels present! Local bands too!

And there was a cat! Or at least I assume there was because there were cat toys. I like stores with pets.

I managed to get more RSD releases here I think because it’s farther from downtown and maybe less people had visited?

Anyway, it’s a super cute place and the people working there were really knowledgeable on record player questions and there was just SO MUCH vinyl.

Do visit!


Alright, their music selection is tight. They have CDs, they have vinyl, they had so much stuff for Record Store Day. Oh man, so many 7″ and 12″ and good prices too.

Their space is organized very well too. It’s a two-story building, most the music is on the second floor. On the floor the music is sorted by categories and the genres are actually really helpful for finding what it is you’re looking for. They’re not just generic “pop, rock, R & B, rap, country”, it went a little deeper in subgenres, which I really loved. The space is bigger than it seems because they pack a whole lot of music on different formats and it does not look cluttered. From what I remember, the prices were good and I think there was more new than used, specially for CDS. The staff were happy to help when I asked about Record Store Day Releases.

The store has super high ceilings and a lot of windows which creates a very pleasant and open atmosphere. From personal experience most the time music stores are cluttered, in basements, tight spaces, packed but I’ve never really minded as there’s cool music to be found. But this definitely gives a different kind of vibe.

To add to this vibe is the fact that there is a cafe and artwork for sale on the walls. The cafe space gives a break to eat, drink, and chat without feeling like you’re loitering as there are tables available. The art on the walls signals that this is more than a music store (though very devoted to music) and allows the cafe and selection of books, comic books, and other works by local artists to not feel out of place.

This store is  gem, honestly. Such a big space but not overwhelming. There’s food, there’s tunes, what more could you ask for?