Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum.

Have you ever been to a carousel museum? Probably not, but you should.

What a great place to be!! What a wonderful building!

The Herschell Carrousel Factory.

The actual place used to be a factory for the carousel animals, from what I understand, and it’s from the late 1800s. Just being in a building that old and to see it and great shape is worth the $6 admission. A VERY CHEAP ADMISSION RATE, I MIGHT ADD.
DSCN8747 This museum has such a wonderful atmosphere!! It’s not cluttered, it’s not vacant, it’s just right. The displays are easy to view, labelled, and every colourful. These pieces are over a hundred years old at times but they’ve been preserved so well.
It’s such a niche kind of museum. Carousel, who woud specify in that? The town of North Tonawanda, that’s who. This niche-ness means that there is such a unique collection.

They have stuff that belongs in the highest museums. They have scrolls for music machines, the ones with hand-punctured holes. All the machines are so old too! They’re almost a century old and just playing away with their pipes, horns, and drums. It’s amazing!!! I don’t think there’s a collection for music scrolls like this anywhere!
They have a whole area of where the woodcarving went on in the 20th century and where it still goes on today! They have classes there each Autumn and Spring!

The museum is full of information on ever section but it’s not overwhelming. There are lots of interesting facts to learn that I would have never known otherwise since I would have never looked into carousels.

Oh, man, and the ride. They have a carousel from 1916 with horses that are around that age too. I got to sit on this thing that was almost hundred years old! And it wasn’t some DSCN8753shady, run-down ride. It looked new, it had a music machine that played loud and sounded straight-up like I was in the past. The horses were in perfect condition and I just had a blast.

I cannot  remember the last time I even looked at a carousel but the Herschell Carousel Museum is a beautiful place on it’s own, the staff are eager and passionate about their museum, it has beautiful rooms, exhibitions, rides, and an adorable gift shop.

Please, please, please, pleaaaaseee visit. I never could have expect to love this place so much but I had an amazing time.

DSCN8828Sig S copia

The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum is located at 180 Thompson St, North Tonawanda, NY 14120, United States and its website  can be found here.


Gee Way, The Hormones, Nuns @ Toronto.

The venue: Danforth Music Hall.
What a gorgeous place in itself. The billboard outside, announcing all the upcoming shows, gives the place an older, serious venue kind of feeling.
The inside of the hall is more spacious than I thought. This was a general admission, standing concert and a few hundred people were down by the stage. The Hall has a ceiling with beautiful carvings that were formerly balconies. It was great to take in before the opening act started.
The Audience:
The audience for the show was very kind. There was no harshness that I encountered. At the start, there was someone taller right in front of me and they even offered to move so I could see.
The people were there for me music and they fed the already-energetic artists. There was much love for Nuns, the opening act, and a ton of love for Gerard Way. Everyone seemed patient and in a good mood (even if they were exhausted) after the show while waiting
for signing.
The Show:


What an experience of a concert! All of the above equaled a killer show.
Nuns came on at about 8 and didn’t stop for breath until their set ended!

Their guitarist and singer was way into the music, the audience responded with louder and louder cheers. People were dancing, jumping, cheering, and just having a good time. Nuns had a 90s vibe, they seemed kinda Oasis but with a little harder rock.
At 9, Gerard Way came on and the place burst into a single loud, happy cheer. He opened with The Bureau and people attend singing along right away. There was lots of bouncing, which the song allowed. Gerard Way and The Hormones brought out energy with each sound wave. The only pause was for Gerard to explain the origin of a song or geetalk about issues he is passionate about. It’s exciting to hear one of my favourite musicians talking and adorable that his voice is so different than his singing voice. He sounds soft and sweet but as soon as he opens his mouth to sing it’s still that raw power and emotion.
Months ago, I read a complaint that his shows were too much like a lounge act. At that moment I was even more excited to see him live because I was so curious to see what a Gerard lounge act was like. An he does do these breaks where he sings to music and it’s not songs but interludes. It’s great, I loved it.

But he puts so much emotion into his songs and the Hormones are so good it makes for a fantastic show. If you love Gerard Way, and of you don’t, treat yourself to a great night and check out one of his shows.

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Internships Galore

I’ve always been the kind of person that gets in way over their heads. Whether it’s an overachieving school assignment, ridiculous side projects or my inability to say no; I always end up biting off more than I can chew. Admittedly, this somehow works out for me in the end, but not without some teeth grinding and hair pulling along the way.

Once again, I’ve tackled a task (more like tasks) that are more than a little overwhelming. I have three internships. That’s basically three jobs except… I don’t get paid for them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my internships (most of the time, anyways) but I really could have thought this through a little better.

I began interning mostly because my University program requires a whopping four hundred hours of internship or work placement to graduate. Sounds a little intense but thank goodness they do! Getting involved in the fashion world is much better than just standing by and watching.

The first of my internships is with an organization called INLAND. INLAND is a biannual shopping event featuring exclusively Canadian designers. It’s a great place to find amazing designs from homegrown talent. I started interning for them officially in November of last year but began volunteering for them in September during their first event. I began by doing social media research and getting emails for Canadian designers, bloggers, magazines etc. I was shortly “promoted” to s social media intern; meaning I was in charge of the INLAND Pinterest account. Lucrative, I know. After a while I was promoted again and now I write for the INLAND blog, interviewing INLAND designers and making cute little blog posts.

After I finished my first year of University I thought I needed to step up my internship game. So applied for a few others to help me get through a four month summer.

The second internship I got is with a Toronto boutique called Shopgirls. A great little shop with only Canadian designers (more homegrown talent appreciation). I’m an e-commerce intern, which is as boring as it sounds. Albeit, I learn a lot. I write a lot of product descriptions, make spread sheets, mess around on their Pinterest account and make a few graphics here and there. It’s the most demanding of my internships but I feel that I also learn the most here (when I’m not making spreadsheets).

Two internships wasn’t enough for me apparently. So, when the opportunity came to intern for another Toronto boutique called Three Fates. Honestly, this is my favourite internship. I get to photograph models (a.k.a. my friends) wearing clothes from the store as part of the shops Instagram campaign (check it out @threefateshop or my photography @debblopez). I’ve developed my photography skills and found a love for something I didn’t know I liked so much.

So, moral of the story is that even though doing too much can be overwhelming (and I don’t recommend it to anybody), getting involved in anything that you’re passionate about can be a great opportunity to discover yourself. You’ll find out what you like and what you don’t and even discover something that you’re good at that you didn’t previously know.

I’m Certainly Not Furious- Review of Fury Road.

Sometimes, I will see the first five minutes of a movie and know immediately that it will be a piece of work that I love. Of course, my intuition fails me on occasion and the film will fall short of the few minutes I feel for but Mad Max Fury Road kept up with the energy the opening scene promised.

Full disclosure: I am not a self-proclaimed fan of action movies. I like to think of myself as dialogue and story based so I was a bit hesitant when I heard that Fury Road was 2 hours of almost no dialogue. In fact, my interest in the movie wavered back and forth for years. When I first heard about the project in 2011 or early 2012, I was intrigued. As the production was delayed I forgot about it altogether. I was excited once more when a release date was put out but after a couple of years of reboots and remakes I didn’t quite know what to think of another sequel.

The first trailer put me off with its cuts every few seconds. To be honest, I thought it looked like a big, dumb, big-budget movie. My interest peaked again when I saw the posters for the film because the colouring in them looked so nice.

I decided to see the movie. I had seen road warrior and its aesthetic struck me as well as its pace, humour, and gorgeous desert setting. Oh boy, was Fury Road a treat.

This movie had everything that I liked about Mad Max 2 but bigger and done, in my opinion, better.

It had the feel of weird 80s movies but done with good effects, more money, a faster pace, and so much more adrenaline. I was reminded of Dune through the strange aesthetic of the characters except in this format it was fun and exciting instead of long and confused (sorry, Lynch).

George Miller was able to keep the essence of what makes Mad Max great using better resources and it turned out gorgeous and friggin’ thrilling, in all honesty. The world of Mad Max wasn’t watered down or bulked up but expanded. It’s still this weird, vehicle-based universe with its own rules and even its own slang. With mythology weaved in, feminism, and unbelievable action sequences Fury Road left wondering how anything is going to top this.

I could go on about how excited this made me and I could write more about how it reminded me of David Lynch but also Terry Gilliam (those spooky crows, right?) in a lighter, sort of more digestible format. This movie makes me want to talk, and discuss, and boy do I hope it does the same for others.

Note: anyone else get really excited when Tom Hardy put on the jack about halfway through the movie? I just felt like at that moment he had earned it, Tom Hardy is the Road Warrior.

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Aloha, Festival Season!

27With music festival season finally here, it’s time to dress the part.

What’s better than vintage shorts, a loose black tank and a long cardigan? I can’t think of a single thing.

The loose tank with lace detailing is a great way to some femininity to a rough look, frayed shorts are the festival shorts to have. This cardigan doubles as a kimono, making  it the perfect over top layer.

Pair it up with some chunky boots, round Bridgitte Bardot glasses and layered jewellery.


It’s all in the details and as you can tell, and layering your jewellery adds the finishing touch this outfit.

Try some bangles for structure and a warp around bracelet for flare.

Shop the look at Three Fates boutique in Toronto, for the ultimate festival babe attire.


IMG_4430Howdy blogosphere,

I’m Deborah and I’m bad with introductions. So, let’s just get the painful stuff out of the way.

I’m a fashion communication student in Toronto. For those of you who don’t know what fashion communications is. It is absolutely everything. Not kidding, it is everything. From journalism to public relations to marketing to photography to graphic design. A wide field with many choices to pick from (too bad I can’t even pick what shoes to wear in the morning).

From these choices I’ve dabbled in a few thanks to the aid of my university’s great internship program. I have the pleasure of interning for three different companies. One is INLAND, a biannual shopping event that features over 100 Canadian designers. The other is a small boutique called Shopgirls, which offers and wide collection of selectively Canadian design and empowers women to shop their shape not their size. My final internship is for another boutique called Three Fates, a small shop that features both new and vintage clothing selections.

All these fabulous internships have helped me explore my interests. I like writing and reading (shout out to Stephen King fans out there), photography, art, indie rock and binge watching on Netflix.

I like fashion, probably a little more than normal people and have an anal retentive tendency when it comes to shopping.

Just kidding, I have anal retentive tendencies about everything.

I laugh too loud, talk with my mouth full and can’t seem to put my books down. You won’t see me anywhere without gum or mints and I can lip sync every song on my iPod. I believe everyone is awesome until proven otherwise and can’t wait to share my passions with you guys.

SaraMy name is Sara and I’m never sure where to begin. One of my favourite words is histrionics and, dang do I wish I knew how to make a dramatic entrance online.

I am a seeker of knowledge and so far I’ve found a lot of it in stories. I constantly take in stories through movies, books, shows and myths.

I’ve spent the last few years convinced that a person could not be defined by a single thing or even a small collection of things. Like you, dear reader, I am a wonderfully complex and contradictory human being. How could I possibly convey my personhood by sharing my interests? But, alas, I have come to the conclusion that trying to define myself won’t hurt and could, perhaps teach me a thing or two.

I love movies. I thought everyone loved movies until I found that most people do not love them quite like I do. I take movies in, absorb them and occasionally live by them. I watch a lot of independent movies and find hope in those gems that manage to be amazing despite of low-budgets and non-existent distribution. I’ll probably talk about those a lot.

I also love music. When it comes to music I will give a fair warning that I am very picky. Not snobby, but picky. Oh, and I only like about 2 genres. I joke and say that everything I listen to is either complaint rock or whiny punk but it’s kind of true. Rock is my main territory from which I seem to be unable to escape the welcoming hands of Punk. Whether it’s ska punk, post-punk, some breed of a subgenre, or proto-punk, my favourite bands always end up coming from that 1977 movement. I’ll go into any music store because they’re my heart’s home. I love the hell out of music, as limited as my taste is.

I write, I read, I play guitar. Sometimes I think too much and sometimes my brain just won’t go. I’m trying hard to see the beauty and enchantment of everything and I hope you’ll come along to help me find it.

Well, that’s us blogosphere. We’re the Renegade Girls.