IMG_4430Howdy blogosphere,

I’m Deborah and I’m bad with introductions. So, let’s just get the painful stuff out of the way.

I’m a fashion communication student in Toronto. For those of you who don’t know what fashion communications is. It is absolutely everything. Not kidding, it is everything. From journalism to public relations to marketing to photography to graphic design. A wide field with many choices to pick from (too bad I can’t even pick what shoes to wear in the morning).

From these choices I’ve dabbled in a few thanks to the aid of my university’s great internship program. I have the pleasure of interning for three different companies. One is INLAND, a biannual shopping event that features over 100 Canadian designers. The other is a small boutique called Shopgirls, which offers and wide collection of selectively Canadian design and empowers women to shop their shape not their size. My final internship is for another boutique called Three Fates, a small shop that features both new and vintage clothing selections.

All these fabulous internships have helped me explore my interests. I like writing and reading (shout out to Stephen King fans out there), photography, art, indie rock and binge watching on Netflix.

I like fashion, probably a little more than normal people and have an anal retentive tendency when it comes to shopping.

Just kidding, I have anal retentive tendencies about everything.

I laugh too loud, talk with my mouth full and can’t seem to put my books down. You won’t see me anywhere without gum or mints and I can lip sync every song on my iPod. I believe everyone is awesome until proven otherwise and can’t wait to share my passions with you guys.

SaraMy name is Sara and I’m never sure where to begin. One of my favourite words is histrionics and, dang do I wish I knew how to make a dramatic entrance online.

I am a seeker of knowledge and so far I’ve found a lot of it in stories. I constantly take in stories through movies, books, shows and myths.

I’ve spent the last few years convinced that a person could not be defined by a single thing or even a small collection of things. Like you, dear reader, I am a wonderfully complex and contradictory human being. How could I possibly convey my personhood by sharing my interests? But, alas, I have come to the conclusion that trying to define myself won’t hurt and could, perhaps teach me a thing or two.

I love movies. I thought everyone loved movies until I found that most people do not love them quite like I do. I take movies in, absorb them and occasionally live by them. I watch a lot of independent movies and find hope in those gems that manage to be amazing despite of low-budgets and non-existent distribution. I’ll probably talk about those a lot.

I also love music. When it comes to music I will give a fair warning that I am very picky. Not snobby, but picky. Oh, and I only like about 2 genres. I joke and say that everything I listen to is either complaint rock or whiny punk but it’s kind of true. Rock is my main territory from which I seem to be unable to escape the welcoming hands of Punk. Whether it’s ska punk, post-punk, some breed of a subgenre, or proto-punk, my favourite bands always end up coming from that 1977 movement. I’ll go into any music store because they’re my heart’s home. I love the hell out of music, as limited as my taste is.

I write, I read, I play guitar. Sometimes I think too much and sometimes my brain just won’t go. I’m trying hard to see the beauty and enchantment of everything and I hope you’ll come along to help me find it.

Well, that’s us blogosphere. We’re the Renegade Girls.


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