Internships Galore

I’ve always been the kind of person that gets in way over their heads. Whether it’s an overachieving school assignment, ridiculous side projects or my inability to say no; I always end up biting off more than I can chew. Admittedly, this somehow works out for me in the end, but not without some teeth grinding and hair pulling along the way.

Once again, I’ve tackled a task (more like tasks) that are more than a little overwhelming. I have three internships. That’s basically three jobs except… I don’t get paid for them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my internships (most of the time, anyways) but I really could have thought this through a little better.

I began interning mostly because my University program requires a whopping four hundred hours of internship or work placement to graduate. Sounds a little intense but thank goodness they do! Getting involved in the fashion world is much better than just standing by and watching.

The first of my internships is with an organization called INLAND. INLAND is a biannual shopping event featuring exclusively Canadian designers. It’s a great place to find amazing designs from homegrown talent. I started interning for them officially in November of last year but began volunteering for them in September during their first event. I began by doing social media research and getting emails for Canadian designers, bloggers, magazines etc. I was shortly “promoted” to s social media intern; meaning I was in charge of the INLAND Pinterest account. Lucrative, I know. After a while I was promoted again and now I write for the INLAND blog, interviewing INLAND designers and making cute little blog posts.

After I finished my first year of University I thought I needed to step up my internship game. So applied for a few others to help me get through a four month summer.

The second internship I got is with a Toronto boutique called Shopgirls. A great little shop with only Canadian designers (more homegrown talent appreciation). I’m an e-commerce intern, which is as boring as it sounds. Albeit, I learn a lot. I write a lot of product descriptions, make spread sheets, mess around on their Pinterest account and make a few graphics here and there. It’s the most demanding of my internships but I feel that I also learn the most here (when I’m not making spreadsheets).

Two internships wasn’t enough for me apparently. So, when the opportunity came to intern for another Toronto boutique called Three Fates. Honestly, this is my favourite internship. I get to photograph models (a.k.a. my friends) wearing clothes from the store as part of the shops Instagram campaign (check it out @threefateshop or my photography @debblopez). I’ve developed my photography skills and found a love for something I didn’t know I liked so much.

So, moral of the story is that even though doing too much can be overwhelming (and I don’t recommend it to anybody), getting involved in anything that you’re passionate about can be a great opportunity to discover yourself. You’ll find out what you like and what you don’t and even discover something that you’re good at that you didn’t previously know.


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