Gee Way, The Hormones, Nuns @ Toronto.

The venue: Danforth Music Hall.
What a gorgeous place in itself. The billboard outside, announcing all the upcoming shows, gives the place an older, serious venue kind of feeling.
The inside of the hall is more spacious than I thought. This was a general admission, standing concert and a few hundred people were down by the stage. The Hall has a ceiling with beautiful carvings that were formerly balconies. It was great to take in before the opening act started.
The Audience:
The audience for the show was very kind. There was no harshness that I encountered. At the start, there was someone taller right in front of me and they even offered to move so I could see.
The people were there for me music and they fed the already-energetic artists. There was much love for Nuns, the opening act, and a ton of love for Gerard Way. Everyone seemed patient and in a good mood (even if they were exhausted) after the show while waiting
for signing.
The Show:


What an experience of a concert! All of the above equaled a killer show.
Nuns came on at about 8 and didn’t stop for breath until their set ended!

Their guitarist and singer was way into the music, the audience responded with louder and louder cheers. People were dancing, jumping, cheering, and just having a good time. Nuns had a 90s vibe, they seemed kinda Oasis but with a little harder rock.
At 9, Gerard Way came on and the place burst into a single loud, happy cheer. He opened with The Bureau and people attend singing along right away. There was lots of bouncing, which the song allowed. Gerard Way and The Hormones brought out energy with each sound wave. The only pause was for Gerard to explain the origin of a song or geetalk about issues he is passionate about. It’s exciting to hear one of my favourite musicians talking and adorable that his voice is so different than his singing voice. He sounds soft and sweet but as soon as he opens his mouth to sing it’s still that raw power and emotion.
Months ago, I read a complaint that his shows were too much like a lounge act. At that moment I was even more excited to see him live because I was so curious to see what a Gerard lounge act was like. An he does do these breaks where he sings to music and it’s not songs but interludes. It’s great, I loved it.

But he puts so much emotion into his songs and the Hormones are so good it makes for a fantastic show. If you love Gerard Way, and of you don’t, treat yourself to a great night and check out one of his shows.

Sig S copia

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