San Cisco and MOTHXR

If you’re a hard core indie music lover (like myself), I’m sure you’re aware of San Cisco. San Cisco, for those of you who don’t know, is a kick ass Australian indie pop band. Their greatest hits? Fred Astaire and Awkward.

Nothing’s classier than songs named after dance legends and stalking incidents.

Recently, Sara and I got the amazing opportunity to see them live at Toronto’s Mod Club. With a $15 fee I couldn’t have been happier.

The concert did not disappoint. Not only were they punctual (starting the show at the time they said they were going to start) but the opening band was a welcome surprise.

Now, I didn’t do my research before the concert and so I had no idea who the opening band was. When they got on stage and I saw Penn Badgley head up to the mic I nearly had a hissy fit. Out of all people in the world that I expected to see on that stage, it’s safe to say that the Gossip Girl star was not one of them. His band MOTHXR did an exceptional job of pumping up the crowd with their indie electro pop style and wiggly dance moves.

When San Cisco hit the stage the crowd went wild. They were great and upbeat the whole time, playing all the fan favourites from the new and old album. Not only that, but when leaving the concert their adorable drummer Scarlett (gotta love a band with a female drummer) went out to greet the fans, taking care to sign and pose for all of our demands.

I really couldn’t off asked for more from this concert.


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