Marianas Trench @ Nathan Philips Square.

Mike Ayley taking a bra off Josh Ramsay was just one of the highlights of an amazing show.
I mean, this was AMAZING. I saw them two years ago almost to the day and I think I like them now even more than I did then.
They’re friggin’ high energy, harmonizing, B.C boys and they are here to put on a great show.
Why was this a great show? Let me try to explain why I loved this experience.
First of all, so many people were singing along. In fact, EVERYONE around me was singing DSCN9567along. You know what a wonderful feeling it is to be singing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs and have hundreds of people around you doing the exact same thing? It just fills me with absolute joy to be enjoying a show so much and be getting that
same energy from everyone surrounding me.
And a contributing factor to the screaming of song lyrics is, of course, The Trench. Josh, Matt, Ian, and Mike are on top of their friggin’ game. Those guys do not miss a beat and have their playing down. The harmonies are always gorgeous and Josh is not afraid to hit long, high notes
Joshua Ramsay (is his full name even Joshua?) is also not afraid of going into the crowd. Not one bit. Whether it’s actually crowd surfing or just reaching out to say hey to the audience this guy was down the stage and cozing up with people.
A moment: I will tell you this being able to see Josh Ramsay’s eyes up close and in detail might just be magical. Those bright blues with teal and light green are beautiful.
Another reason why this was so goddamn fun was the crowd interaction. Not only was DSCN9578the lead singer with the crowd and not only was this crowd giving all their might to singing, but the band was constantly encouraging the audience to participate. Whether it was Josh getting people to sing along or Mike getting everyone to clap their hands, they kept everyone energetic and happy.
Speaking of happiness and speaking, Josh Ramsay is one helluva an entertainer. The man came out wearing a ring leader’s top hat, for christ’s sake. BUT THAT’S WHY HE’S JOSH. This guy is funny, making jokes about not being in the Pan Am games, wearing bras, and asking people to at least clean their underwear before throwing it on stage. Just fun things one says on stage while shirtless.
I think the show was so good because it has all the right elements: loads of energy, a band that loves what they do, an audience that loves the band, and a happy mood cast over all in Nathan Philips Square.
Thank you, Marianas Trench, for a concert that made me forget everything besides positive feelings and how much I love music.

Sig S copia


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