Dunk’n’Dip More Like Dunk’n’Delicious!!!

Got a sweet tooth that just won’t quit? Looking for a place with dozens of desserts? This, my friends, could be your solution.
DSCN5024Dunk’n Dip is a desserts bar. If I had known that I may have never entered the place. I love dessert and a restaurant devoted to this post-meal treat seems like too much temptation.
I thought the place would be a coffee shop, I wanted a quick bite. Instead, I found myself facing a menu filled with pages of sweet meals. Crepes, fondue, marshmallow, cakes, macarons… It all looked so good.

After many minutes of flipping back and forth between my many options, I settled on a crepe stuffed with banana, lined with pastry cream and topped with with chocolate.
After a short wait, I was presented with my delicious treat. The crepe was covered in warm white chocolate and lightly toasted. I thanked the heavens for such a mouth-watering dish. It tasted as good as it looked. The crepe had a crisp outside with a soft inside that blanketed the banana. The cool of the cream mixed in harmony with the warm whit chocolate. The crepe dough was not very sweet, allowing the chocolate to shine.


It was satisfying and delicious. Dunk’n Dip has me wondering why I don’t have dessert for lunch more often.


Thoughts on a film called Pride.

British movies, you rarely let me down.

I watch a fair amount of content from the England and their uplifting movies have this rare quality of being happy without being sugary.
I think it’s the balance of drama and a dry sense of humour, that I imagine has helped through many horrors, with the uplifting spirit that create these films that do leave you feeling pretty good.

I wouldn’t call it feel-good but films that leave you feeling good.

First off, I thought it was such a well-made film. The wardrobe was great and it was beautiful to see that the pastels and warm colours of the clothes often matched the brown and cream tones of the surroundings. It had nice landscape shots. The camera did interesting things with slightly shaky cam, where the shot isn’t quite still but moves a bit. It gave a kind of documentary feel at times and at other times it created a real intimate feeling in small spaces.

The acting was top. I liked seeing like the usual British crew with the older actors (Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Paddy Constantine) and these faces I had never seen before for the younger people (I was about to call them kids but they were at least in their 20s).
The actual story was sooooo good and the fact that it is based on real events is even better. The story of a Lesbian and Gay group supporting the striking miners and of a Welsh town tolerating the kids in a time where there was more homophobia is one I think deserves being told. I am happy that it was not lost and I am happier it is a movie I loved and would love to share with everyone.
The humour, the real, serious situations, the setting, the characters, it’s not a movie without flaws (I did find odd jumps in time in the editing) but what is? I truly enjoyed it and all I want to do is get my friends to watch it so they can enjoy it too.

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