A (Long) Weekend Getaway.

It seems as though we are approaching the last weekend of summer vacation.

We must remember to stow away our sighs and try to enjoy these last hours of heat and sun I have just the place to do that.

Not far from the GTA (about and hour and a half from Toronto) lies a great, cute, sweet town called Port Dover.

Man, I love Port Dover.

I would definitely consider spending a couple of months in Port Dover, just relaxing, having a great time.

Port Dover is this place just on the coast of Lake Erie, across from Ohio. It seems to be so close to the US that there are reminders on docks that visitors from our neighbouring country do, in fact, have to report that they are in Canada.

But this is not what Port Dover is about.

I think two main things this place is known for are: palm trees and motorcycles.

Since it is summer, I’m gonna go ahead and do a quick talk on the palm trees.

Right on the shore of this lake, there are real, planted palm trees that miraculously thrive in this less-than-tropical climate. For a moment I could almost believe I was visiting the ocean and that is what makes Port Dover great. It is so easy to forget that you are in southern Ontario!

There is nice, fine sand, stores full of beach merchandise, snack shacks with beach themes, sunshine, and palm trees. I mean, I have been to many towns by the ocean and this place gives the same chill vibes as any beach town.

There are so many places to eat, so many cute shops, a pier, palm trees, and plenty of space by the water. Grab some flip flops and forget that you’re in Canada for a few hours. Pretend the air has a salty, ocean smell. Enjoy the friendly people and maybe even buy a couple of surf-inspired accessories to take summer with you throughout the year.