The first thing I thought when I found out this movie existed was “How did this slip by me?”

An Irish movie with Colin Farrell and mythical creatures? That is my shizz.

But, I found out about it through an article with a title along the lines of “Colin Farrell’s 10 Best Movies”. When I read Neil Jordan, Irish fishing town, and mermaids my movie senses started tingling.

It was surprisingly and, at times, strikingly cute. I’m not going to give too much away just because I enjoyed it so much without having any background on it but I only mention this cuteness because things happen in the movie that shouldn’t allow happiness much less cuteness. But there you go, Jordan magic.

Do I talk about what I like? Is that what one does when writing about a movie on a semi-serious site?

Alright, Ondine does juxtaposition so well. We go from seeing devastating, realistic settings in lower-class settings to scenery that effortlessly seems like an actual fairy tale. It’s washed-out blues and greys to bright greens. Horrible situations to a haven where all the horror is left at the back of our minds. It’s complementary. One makes the other one seem stronger in its beauty or brutality.

It’s just that the town where about half the movie takes place seems so real. That broken-down reality, worn down people, and true problems. And then you mix that with an explainable event that brings beauty and magic.

Everyone does a quality job. The movie is quiet, the performances, in a way, are too. No reaction seems over-dramatic. Everything fits.

Oh, gosh, this movie just captures the mood of a brooding fishing town and the escape from that.

There is an air of magic, of mystery in a setting that I am not familiar with but one that does not seem completely foreign.

It feels like a slice of everyday life but it is not. Have a story of a man struggling problems many people do face, throw in a possible mermaid and watch what happens when the drama that emerges is not what you would expect.

Take a trip to a small part of Ireland for 103 minutes, it’s worth it.

By the way: I wrote this while listening to Marianas Trench’s new album Astoria. It is really, really, really great!! I love it and I think it’s my favourite from them!


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