Having said all I have said about being REALLY careful on how we use words and really emphasizing that there are no categories of people, I have another thing that is bugging me.

This debate of diversity has been really, really, reeeallllyyyy “black” and “white”.

And I feel like I shouldn’t even say anything because ohdeargodthisisgonnacomeoutwrongsomehow.

I am afraid that this is too much about myself. I am afraid of undermining the struggle of representation. I am just afraid of sounding bitter. But I am really afraid of keeping all this bottled in and just becoming resentful.


I need a breather.

It is really important to have “black” representation (I am really sorry to use the word, I wish I had another term). It is ridiculous that this is still an issue. It is unbelievable that racism still exists but it is more ridiculous to pretend like this is not a real issue.

But I just don’t understand why I don’t see as many (I actually have not seen any) people speaking out about other representations. As someone who is Hispanic this hits home and eats away as my soul. “Why doesn’t anybody care?” I hear myself asking and this is a question I do no like because I feel the hint of anger.

Honestly, I don’t want to grow up thinking that nobody cares. I am sure that other people care but why don’t I see their opinions voiced? Why have I only seen comments of “black” actors and representation? I hope that it is just because there has been such a big movement for rights and for the mistreatment of people that are labeled “black” and this has been really going on in America where these awards take place. So, I can see why, then, attention would be placed on this issue.

But, damn, seriously, just- talk about other minorities, other groups that are marginalized, others that are left out.

And the argument of “at least people care about *insert certain representation or issue here* instead of nothing”. NOOOOO. NOOOOO. That is not good enough. Leaving people out is not good enough. Taking small steps is not good enough.

Care and care about everyone if you can and be aware of others that might be struggling.

I’m really sorry that I used certain words and left a bunch of others out. I only brought up Hispanic because it’s what I am but I realize that by bringing one “group” up I am already leaving everyone else out and I would give a shout-out to underrepresented groups at the end but I would always leave someone out.

THIS is why diversity is important, to have different perspective, to have those who will speak out about what you would never even think to. To bring unique experiences.

We are all humans and nobody is superior to another but the (sad) reality is that we have made up categories and we have excluded each other based on them which is friggin’ imperative to acknowledge.

We’re not at equality yet but nobody should be left out of the process of being heard and represented.



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