I found this video and while I don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel it’s very cute.

Oscar Isaac explains how they gave him a blueprint of all the buttons on the cockpit and which were used for what.

I mean, you can just watch the video and hear it for yourself.

My point is that I did  not know that the Star Wars movies would be so specific with detail but I think it’s wonderful and adorable. I also think it must be a pleasure to work with that much information and organization. It’s great that someone (or a team) took their time to lay out the print for the ship and really notice which buttons controlled what on previous movies because it shows the level of care and because personally it would be the kind of job I would like to try out!

It’s also cool to think about how these actors are setting out new things that will become part of the Star Wars canon!!! Imagine being able to construct a universe!

Make your own universe, friends.