Mojave- Pensive, Spooky, Beautiful.

Let me give all of you a backstory of my relationship with this movie.

Okay, not relationship, but story.
Many months ago (about last August) I was on IMDb looking at Garrett Hedlund’s profile to see what he was up to ’cause I like a lot of movies he is in (See: On The Road, Tron: Legacy, Inside Llewyn Davis).
I saw this movie, Mojave, and it caught my eye and very much my attention because it was a desert-set, kind of road movie from what I could see. I loooooove the South-Western desert in the U.S. Sure, I’ve never been but it always looks gorgeous in movies.
When I found out more about the movie I saw that it was about a writer and a drifter and desert drama and I this just sounded like the kinda thing I would like.
Note: At this pre-The Force Awakens time Oscar Isaac was mostly the guy from Llewyn Davis to me.
So I followed it, reading boards to get any information on distribution but nothing seemed to be happening. In one thread someone mentioned the movie reminded them of The Rover, a movie I was very impressed with, which made me want this movie to get distributed even more.

FINALLY, it got released and I rented it (support your local video stores, if you will).

I really liked the movie. A lot.

First off, I found the look of the movie beautiful. Everything is in warm tones but not quite earthy. And it’s not washed-out either, which I think it’s easy to do with sunny deserts.
Agh, I’m caught between wanting to talk about the movie a lot and in detail and not saying much so if someone reads this and watches it they’ll see the events unfold without knowing what will happen.

Alright, the movie can get heavy and dark but it also has moments of humour that fit into the movie instead of being awkwardly inserted for relief.
It is dialogue-based which is one of the reasons I liked it. Many scenes of just back-and-forth discussion.

If you get the DVD/BLU-RAY/can watch the special features, I definitely recommend looking at the deleted scenes because some really quality content got cut out. I specially liked the one with the twins, I think it was number 11.

It is pensive but not pretentious. It can get really chilling but it’s also about relationships and grounded problems. I found that everyone did a great ob so that the movie was just a pleasure to watch. Hedlund and Isaac made minutes and minutes of dialogue interesting, tense, and almost hypnotizing. Among the suspense in the movie there is a lot of frustration with the film industry and with being creative and also a more chilled-out sort of pace. It is definitely not a breakneck, no-time-to-breathe-or-blink movie. Sit back and watch, y’all.


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