Suspect Video.

Mirvish Village is disappearing.

I have no idea what to do about it.

I sent emails with my concerns over the destruction (dramatic) of this area and the responses were so vague. So here is what I’m going to do: write about a place I love and hope someone sees it goes and it becomes a place they can enjoy too, before it is gone.

Suspect Video quickly became one of my favourite spots in Toronto. I say quickly as I spent many years not know it existed. It is tucked into Honest Ed’s on the North-West corner of the store.

I only really found out about it because I was reading Perfect Youth (a fantastic book that focuses on first-wave Punk in Canada) and there was a story involving Steven Leckie (frontman of The Viletones, also formerly went by Nazi Dog) renting movies from this place from Damian Abraham (who is from Toronto punk band Fucked Up).

I mean, as someone very interested in the fact that this city had a punk rock scene I’d never even heard about I was curious to see this place.

And Suspect Video enchanted me!

It’s a small space or at least seems small because there are so many movies. Yest it is organized. There are categories based on genres, directors, location that you can browse. It is so much fun to just flip through movie after movie to find something new. There are so many weird things that are difficult to find anywhere else and I’ve found so many movies I’ve liked just because a cover or title caught my eyes.

Man, their selection of music documentaries and concerts is so good. Their selection of everything is so good.

On top of that the people working there are super helpful and know tons about film! Whenever I have a question or want a  suggestion or just wanna talk about a movie they are more than willing to help and also willing to share their movie knowledge. I’ve gotten a few mini-lessons on film a few occasions from both the staff and other patrons.

I mean, you can’t get that conversation anywhere else. I know it is easy to look online for a movie but when you have them in front of you and when you have people who love film to ask I find it so much easier to step out of my comfort zone and try a new film, discover a favourite I wouldn’t have even known exited otherwise.

The store is cute with lots of lighting, lots of sensory overload, cool magazines and books you won’t find just anywhere, collectables, and very nice people. Since the building has a lot of concrete it also has no cell signal so it’s even more like you’re in a bizarre time-machine.

And bizarre really is the right word for it. Not overwhelmingly and not intimidatingly, just a comforting, rabbit-hole adventure kind of bizarre.

Man, if you love ilm or tv, or just interesting places please head over to 605 Markham St. It’s a 4 minute walk from Bathrust station and it’s unfortunately going to go. Don’t forget to check out Honest Ed’s and the rest of the village while you’re there.

Please visit this place, it is lovely and I’ve had nothing but good times in there!