A Quick One, While He’s Away- Billy Talent.

Nobody is away, I just like The Who.

I was lucky enough to see Billy Talent again on September 9th when they played at the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, NY.

The theatre itself is beautiful and I understand why it’s a wedding venue. The roof is ornate, white with carved metallic-looking designs. It feels like a big space because of the height of the roof. It’s clearly a space that was made in an era where details were intricate and minimalism was not the end goal.


Badflower were really cool and sounded horror-punk at times and, man, I love horror-punk. They also had a very drawing stage presence that demanded immediacy, like this show and this song was all they cared about and all they lived for.

… Am I romanticizing?

But they played some sick tunes and in a pretty intense way and they all have cool hair. They were super chill after the show, talking to everyone and handing out free signed CDs. Check ’em out.

Oh, and Billy Talent. Ohhhhhhh, I love Billy Talent.

I was a person away from the barricade just left of centre stage, which is why I only have pictures of Ben and Ian, and THIS SHOW WAS OFF-THE-HOOK.

I feared for my personal safety at times but what’s a mosh pit without that, am I right? Seriously, the pit got very intense with a  lot of pushing, jumping, sweat, crowdsurfing… it was pretty goddamned awesome because people were there cause they liked the band.

What do I even say about Billy Talent? They have their music act together. It is tight, it is loud, it is dramatic but not fake, it has emotion, it is hard-as-fuck (I have been watching a lot of Trailer Park Boys). I watched as Ian D’Sa dripped sweat from the heat in the room, from how much these guys put into their music. Ian D’Sa sweating from playing too hardcore is very metal and I am so happy I got to see that.

And Ben. Ben with that manic glint in his eyes as he plays Fallen Leaves. Ben with talking about how we should love, accept, and not judge one another. Ben with telling the audience that they could move into his backyard if the elections did not go wall. Ben with singing his heart and and with histrionics.


This band, this band inspires me, I love this band.

And then the driving bass from Jon. As the show ended Careless Whisper started playing and Jon had a water bottle in his hand and he just started pretending to play the sax to the song as he walked out. Going from serious, amazing bass played to water bottle sax solo.

Jordan Hastings filling in for Aaron. Canadian bands helping Canadian bands, that is beautiful and he did amazing!!!!!!!!!

Note: After the show was done the floor was literally covered in sweat. I repeat, there was a layer of sweat on the floor. That’s the kind of show this was.

And on top of such a good such, I got to meet the band afterwards. They were kind, patient, listened and were just so nice.

I feel so lucky and, again, so inspired.

Thank you, Billy Talent.

Much love to y’all. Good vibes to Aaron.

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