For the Record: 2 Music Stores in Cleveland.

Oh, fallen industrial towns of the North, you are the ones I know the most.

Cleveland is a place I probably wouldn’t have discovered if it weren’t for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I can’t even recall why Cleveland, I think it was cause Nirvana had gotten inducted and I heard about the Hall then. Something of this nature.

I have been to this museum twice now and each time I have had an amazing time. Recommend it 12/10.

But the second time I was in Cleveland it was the weekend of the 2015 induction ceremony AND Record Store Day. That Saturday I visited some stores and here are two I liked:


Music Saves is more of the music store format I am used to. It’s a small place, you can see the whole store as you walk in, but this does not mean it is lacking in treasures to find.

This was mostly vinyl. I think I only saw a few cassettes and they were Record Store Day releases. But, boy, so much cool vinyl.

I must admit that I may not have seen the whole scope of the store as I got caught up in the ‘punk’ and ‘rock’ section of both singles and records. I found some cool Stooges stuff and some Jack White/White Stripes (got those Michigan musicians).

Maybe it’s because I like Jack White but the store was Third Man friendly with posters and a flag decorating the walls.

Yet, there were plenty of other bands and labels present! Local bands too!

And there was a cat! Or at least I assume there was because there were cat toys. I like stores with pets.

I managed to get more RSD releases here I think because it’s farther from downtown and maybe less people had visited?

Anyway, it’s a super cute place and the people working there were really knowledgeable on record player questions and there was just SO MUCH vinyl.

Do visit!


Alright, their music selection is tight. They have CDs, they have vinyl, they had so much stuff for Record Store Day. Oh man, so many 7″ and 12″ and good prices too.

Their space is organized very well too. It’s a two-story building, most the music is on the second floor. On the floor the music is sorted by categories and the genres are actually really helpful for finding what it is you’re looking for. They’re not just generic “pop, rock, R & B, rap, country”, it went a little deeper in subgenres, which I really loved. The space is bigger than it seems because they pack a whole lot of music on different formats and it does not look cluttered. From what I remember, the prices were good and I think there was more new than used, specially for CDS. The staff were happy to help when I asked about Record Store Day Releases.

The store has super high ceilings and a lot of windows which creates a very pleasant and open atmosphere. From personal experience most the time music stores are cluttered, in basements, tight spaces, packed but I’ve never really minded as there’s cool music to be found. But this definitely gives a different kind of vibe.

To add to this vibe is the fact that there is a cafe and artwork for sale on the walls. The cafe space gives a break to eat, drink, and chat without feeling like you’re loitering as there are tables available. The art on the walls signals that this is more than a music store (though very devoted to music) and allows the cafe and selection of books, comic books, and other works by local artists to not feel out of place.

This store isĀ  gem, honestly. Such a big space but not overwhelming. There’s food, there’s tunes, what more could you ask for?



I’m Gonna Be Posting ThingS!!

That’s thingS with a capital S.


Look, the US elections and results have been… something.

I have found myself giving into the negative attitude that has so prevailed this year but I do not believe that is helpful.

I wanna do a series of posts, some which I have been meaning to make for over a year-and-a-half now, of places I like in the United States of America. Because, I don’t know, I don’t want to believe it is some terrible or worse place that’s just gonna get more terrible and there really are so many places I love in it which is cool because I haven’t even seen that much of the US!

So, let’s go, let’s say some nice things about some nice places in a country that I do not want to believe is going to fall apart.