Travel Update:

  • Saw 2 loose cockatoos next to some guy outside a Costa.
  • I had to go to the Hamburg Airport (yo, I gotta go back to Germany to actually be there more than 12 hours and also leave the airport) where there were LOTS of cute dogs!!! Go to this airport to see dogs.
  • The Hamburg airport also seems to have everything: Showers, a dentist, a grocery store, so much more!
  • It was snowy when I got there. All the grey and gloom made me feel like I was in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  • St. Pancras Hotel is even more beautiful than I imagined. And the staircase really looks like the Cheshire cat.

Travel Update:

-Dublin is gorgeous

-I know I only went once almost three years ago but I still remember the downtown so well.

-Recommend 10/10:

  • Stephen’s Green which, at a bit past 8 a.m when it was barely light out, had lot of people walking around, crossing to get to another street, exploring, jogging, and so on. It has monument to Keats seated upon this rocky, elevated area. Very magical at daybreak. Oh man, it has so many kinds of birds, I couldn’t believe.
  • The Little Museum of Dublin which offers tours of a Georgian house (and is about 3 minutes away from St Stephen’s Green, if you walk) and tells amĀ  bit of history of Dublin through the 20th century. I had a wonderful time and both the tour guide and the lady at reception were super nice and receptive to any questions. I particularly loved the U2 exhibit, cause I like U2 and it is nice to hang out in a room playing lots of their music while looking at photos and newsclips. This museum is very visual-based. Lots of photos, ads, prints, objects of the wall, cute decor! Lovely place.
  • Also really nice to walk by the Liffey before the sun even rose.

Very warm, welcoming city.