Travel Update & Movies Theatres.

  • Passed by a house that had a ‘Yeezus’ doormat
  • What did Camden Market used to be before that the shops have these huge carved wooden doors and there are metal, ornate decorations everywhere?
  • London Eye/Big Ben area is stunning at sunset.
  • I definitely recommend taking a walk by the Thames on the walkways beside it.
  • Went to the Rich Mix on the 27th and watched T2. LOVED T2 SO MUCH and the Rich Mix is  great theatre. It had an art exhibit, a cafe, and live music going on when I left. The actual theatre is big! I had a feeling that it was old and lots had happened in it, perhaps just the size surprised me along with the patterns drawn on the walls. It’s just at the start of East London so you start to get a different vibe from King’s Cross/Picadilly area. Lots of shops right outside Rich Mix. A cool and busy area for sure.
  • The same day I went to Lexi Cinema and I recommend it 11/10. It prides itself on being an ethical cinema, so ticket proceeds go to charity, which is nice! It’s a one-screen cinema tucked in between houses which gives it a cozy vibe to begin with. In addition (am I writing an essay? Lol), the staff were very friendly, the snack prices were fair and there is a bar if you want some alcohol with your movie. Or just wanna chat with friends indoors after the movie. The seats were comfortable, there is a balcony, and there is a chandelier-piece above the screen which adds a pretty touch to the place! I saw a midnight screening of Reservoir Dogs and there were a lot of people there to watch it too!
  • I also went to Koko this past Friday! It doesn’t get busy until about 1am but I would say it’s worth going early just to explore the space a bit. It’s 3 or 4 floors, depending if you have access to the upper floor and the place it  GORGEOUS. SO BIG and decorated cause it was a serious theatre before. So there are ornate balconies, red walls, a very nice roof area with a view of Camden. A very cool place indeed.

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