Movie Nerd Break.

I was just thinking about movies that are about people in enclosed spaces trying to figure something out and realized what a brilliant plot device it is to have Mr. Orange bleeding out on the floor in Reservoir Dogs.

They can’t get rid of him because if they drop him at the hospital he might give the others away but they also can’t leave him somewhere to die. Actually, they could- but Mr. White would not allow that. Ever.

I say it’s a brilliant plot device not only because it makes some frames super more visually interesting as having a subject on the floor adds levels to a shot and because it gives a pretty solid reason for keeping all the Dogs (in Tarantino literature, are all the “Mr.”s in the movie referred to as “Dogs” because it’d be fun if they were) in this warehouse. Yes, they’re there because their boss who they trust told them to wait there but given how bad things get in the course of the heist, it’s enough incentive to go running- seeing as anyone could be a rat who gave away their secret location.

So to have a another reason, a character who (literally) anchors and grounds everyone else to this one place, why the Dogs are almost acting against their self interest by staying in a location that is very easily known to the cops I think makes their actions more believable.

Of course, as the film progresses, more and more reasons keep the Dogs there. But, at the start, when a rat is suspected, Mr. Orange stuck to the floor (I sometimes have a chuckle thinking about the fact that Tim Roth literally got stuck to the floor with fake blood) and Mr. White stuck to Mr. Orange due to a moral obligation explains action against self-preservation.

Not to mention that Mr White’s strong moral code when it comes to keeping this man alive adds to this idea of the complexity of how human beings function in their reasoning and logic behind their actions. Yes, they are criminals not afraid to do harm but they still have standards. Contradictions and their presence are key to good drama, and this is a great one.


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