An Afternoon in London.

My friend was passing through London and we met up today!

Here is a sample of what one can do in London in just two hours.

Walk down Oxford street (bonus points that it was near sunset on a  sunny day so the light was great).

Have coffee at a Pret Manger and she gave me a cookie that had chocolate in it and was also covered in chocolate. Cadbury does not mess around in England.

Go to Carnaby street which I actually had not visited. It is so cute! With lots of signs hanging that say Carnaby in metallic streamers and giant blue nightclubs hanging from building roofs! And there are lots of restaurants and shops.

Walk around Picadilly.

Visit The House of Mina Lima to see the Harry Potter Exhibit. Man, I love the heck out of The House of Mina Lima.

Walk through Chinatown!

Go the the Nickelodeon store, find out there is no Drake and Josh merchandise.

Go back to Picadilly. Store at a candy store. Look at all the sorts of sweets that are packed in.

Have funny conversation and a good time.

Man, I love my friends and I love London.



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