Two posts in one day??!!


  • Had to measure and observe the skull and bones of a primate to identify it and write a 3000-word paper. Shortest 12 minutes of my life. Telling radius and other bones apart is hard.
  • Walked through Hyde Park on a gorgeous sunny day and boy is that park big and boy do people here take advantage of being outdoors on sunny days
  • Holy heck, Wafflemeister waffles are delicious and crispy
  • The Natural History museum is much bigger than it appears. I felt a bubble of exciting take over me as I entered and saw how big the halls were and all the treasures they hold
  • This kid walking by me read that there were dinosaurs and started singing the Jurassic Park song
  • The dinosaur room is straight-up so cool. Old bones in an old, ornate room.
  • For real this museum is rad
  • It was fun to see the human evolution exhibit because it had skulls whose casts I had been handling for my class so it was like “I know you!”
  • Walked from the museum to Piccadilly, this is a very nice walk and there are lots of cute shops and restaurants on the way.


Alright, dear readers- and dear readers you are- I have falling into a hole of Star Wars YTP (that is ‘YouTube Poop’ or basically silly edit parodies for you non-YouTube dwellers [*Bane voice* You merely adopted the YouTube. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already- ANYWAY]) and there is some really funny stuff out there.

I got to this one where it;s supposed outtakes of The Force Awakens and man, am I having a great time.

But this is just another love post to The Force Awakens because I hear a lot of non-love for this movie.

Unfortunately, as a human being, I am not hard to sway. Maybe it’s cause I have this annoying habit of understanding where the other person’s argument is coming from (ANOTHER GROSS PART OF EMPATHY, AMIRITE? I kid, empathy is important, y’all) so then I am like “godDAMN IT, THEY RIGHT!” Which blows when it’s about a thing I like and people poke holes. YOU LEAVE MY THINGS UNHOLED, THEY ARE HOLY AS IT IS???


Ranting aside it is true, I avoid reading reviews, essays, etc. in an irrational fear that I’ll then hate something I love because it is flawed. THIS IS A SILLY FEAR, MY FRIENDS, DO NOT HAVE IT. Of course you can love things with flaws because nothing is perfect and so on. Also because it does not  matter what some rando says- whether a rando on a blog like me or a rando with a phD in movie shizz- as it is just an opinion.


Another erm, I hope y’all enjoy rambling.

Watching this fun video I was just flooded with excitement for The Force Awakens and upcoming Star Wars because I love it so goddamned much. I love the opening with Poe being totally annoying to Kylo and Kylo being annoyed. Honestly, I love the character of Poe Dameron with all my heart and us being over a year since the first introduction I think it is not a crush of whimsy. But Rey and Finn!!! I am extremely excited to see more Finn because now he’s gotten out of the First Order and I really wanna see what he can do! What will he do in the Resistance? Will he help Rey train? Will he be BFFL with Poe? Dear jesus, will they please be a couple????

What will Luke think of Rey? What will Rey think of Luke? I really wanna see how Rey does being part of a group all the time instead of being a lonely scavenger!!!!!

And hell yes I am ready for more Kylo and Hux and Phasma. I am soooo ready for Hux being angry at Kylo and I am so ready for a Kylo redemption arc and even more ready for Kylo and Rey restoring balance to the Force.

But I am also so ready for more banter between these characters I have come to love ad care about. I am excited to see where the galaxy takes them, how it tests them, and what they will do- what they’ll become.

With Star Wars I see a story I love but I also always see the expanded universe beyond it, the possibilities, the relationships, the rises, the falls. The comedy, the drama, the loss, the hope. Maybe it is just old stories told again, maybe I am just getting the same goddamned plot, but maybe it’s looking beyond that at patterns of cycles, at repeating themes in myth (our own modern mythology and pantheon in space) explored with new characters.

If it was never new and it never gets old…

After all, if it was never new and it never gets old… it’s a folk song and perhaps a folk story too. That’s a phrase I believe in, cause this saga has been in my life for, well, most of my life and it certainly hasn’t gotten old. I am so happy for what The Last Jedi may bring, see y’all in theatres this December.