Two posts in one day??!!


  • Had to measure and observe the skull and bones of a primate to identify it and write a 3000-word paper. Shortest 12 minutes of my life. Telling radius and other bones apart is hard.
  • Walked through Hyde Park on a gorgeous sunny day and boy is that park big and boy do people here take advantage of being outdoors on sunny days
  • Holy heck, Wafflemeister waffles are delicious and crispy
  • The Natural History museum is much bigger than it appears. I felt a bubble of exciting take over me as I entered and saw how big the halls were and all the treasures they hold
  • This kid walking by me read that there were dinosaurs and started singing the Jurassic Park song
  • The dinosaur room is straight-up so cool. Old bones in an old, ornate room.
  • For real this museum is rad
  • It was fun to see the human evolution exhibit because it had skulls whose casts I had been handling for my class so it was like “I know you!”
  • Walked from the museum to Piccadilly, this is a very nice walk and there are lots of cute shops and restaurants on the way.

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