• I just had an amazing mushroom risotto at Paesan, if y’all are interested in delicious risottos
  • Saturday night I went to a club night devoted to Joy Division and New Order. Hell yeah I love this town and yell-singing along to Bizarre Love Triangle and Girls and (Boys by Blur).
  • I also went to a Trainspotting night which was ill mostly because I went with cool people but the fact that they played Blue Monday, Born Slippy, and I Feel Love also added to the good time vibe

I wanna talk about ideals. By this I mean situations you think up in your head that are may not be immediately achievable, and if they did happen probably wouldn’t be as perfect as they are in theory, but what you consider a best-case or dream outcome.

For example: You wanna go to Europe and ideally you would stay in a royal palace and host feasts every night. Not practical, still possible, and maybe not even so fun in practice (how would you have time to explore if you’re setting up these banquets???).

Lately, I have been thinking of what a dream/super cool job situation would be for me and an ideal has emerged for short-term employment: working on film in New Zealand.

Why is this an ideal? I wanna work on set for film (or television, music videos, many video project), I like traveling, discovering new places, I would love to spend some time in New Zealand because of the huge variety of birds they have (no natural predators!) and because I’d like to learn about Maori culture and other cultures in the region first-hand (I love learning stories from different places), it is near Australia which is another place I’d like to go (and I could learn more about the Dreamtime!!!), a film industry already exists, and the film industry is one that produced What We Do in the Shadows.

Obviously it would take a lot of hard work to find a job there and get the money to fly out, so on. But it’s an ideal and it reminds me that there’s a reason to put in the effort into projects, learning, and meeting people.

What are your ideals? I’d like to know!


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